Cult of Signs

Mark Angelo Harrison


An angry art action attacking the evil empire from two directions. From the now – and from the future...

Space Pirates do not exist - yet. Just in the same way as tomorrow doesn't exist - yet. So, when we wonder if tomorrow might bring about a happy end to the relentless destruction of our beloved home planet, we might be disappointed. On the other hand, one thing is for sure - the future is full of surprises.

Space Pirates From the Future

Above, Space Pirates (From the Future) silver print T-shirt design. The skull motif is an monogram of SPFTF.

Those people who know me, know that I'm an artist who is passionate about projects that creatively challenge the status quo and, in some way, bring about positive change. The Space Pirates (From the Future) is one such project.

Built around a (possible) future narrative where corporate power is finally toppled, not by ass-licking diplomacy or passive protest, but by a fearsome pirate uprising. The twist is that whether or not that ever actually happens, 50% of the funds raised through selling my Space Pirate designs go into re-wilding nature projects. The other 50%, of course, goes to the pirate crew. Because if it's one thing that pirates are good at (apart from redistributing billionaire's plundered treasure) it's fair shares for the crew!

Space Pirates (From the Future) is an exercise in creative imagination. An art-action that channels my anger at the destructive systems which continue to pillage our common resources, land and labour. By channeling this anger into producing Space Pirate propaganda, I hope, to sow some seeds of future resistance as well as making a difference by protecting nature right here, in the ever-real, ever-urgent moment.

So if you would like to support even the remotest chance that SP(FTF) might ever exist, as well as support me the artist and instigator of this cunning plan, while also raising money to keep our planet wild, check out the super-eco (fair trade, bio/organic) hoodies (big hoods!) available only HERE.