Cult of Signs

Mark Angelo Harrison


August - September

I'm very excited to have been invited back to Portugal to work with A Bela, as co-creator and artistic director of their new project: The Invisible Forest.

A Bela is a cultural association that specialises in dance, theatre, music and the visual arts.


October – November

I'm also very happy to announce that I will be an artist in residence at the Q21 Museum Vienna, in preparation for my installation at the Space of Urgency exhibition at the museum in spring 2021.

Space of Urgency is an international research platform whose goal is to ignite political dialogue, knowledge exchange and the realization of spaces of urgency in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond. The project is hosted by the department Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation, University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Warm thanks to curators Bogomir Doringer and Liese Kingma and Q21 for the invitation, I'm very excited to be part of this great project.


Above, members of A Bela: Mariana Tengner Barros, Jonny Kadaver and Tiago Rosário.

Piece of the Heart Excalibur Presents: The Invisible Forest

The Invisible Forest will be a mobile temporary autonomous theatre space, which at different locations around Lisbon, will have at its core a different ancient tree.

Moving around the city and inspired by each tree's history, biology and connection to the locality and community, participating performers will create, through dance, music and art, an event that uniquely resonates with each space. And in doing so, the performers will invite you, the audience, to participate by opening up your senses, giving visibility to the unseen, sound to the silence and shape to the unknown.

Full program to follow!

Artistic Direction: Mariana Tengner Barros in collaboration with Mark Angelo

Choreography: Mariana Tengner Barros

Co-creation and performance: Ana Rocha (dancer/perfomer), Bernardo Bertrand (performer/musician), Diana Bastos Niepce (dancer/ performer), Jonny Kadaver (musician, composer, performer), Mariana Tengner Barros (dancer/performer), Mark Angelo, Sebastião Pinto (performer/musician), Tiago Rosário (performer/ musician), Vera Marques (singer/ performer/ musician/ video maker)

Musical Direction: Jonny Kadaver

Graphics and Stage Sets: Mark Angelo

Video: Vera Marques

Technical Direction: Daniel Oliveira

Special Characters Costumes: Nuno Antunes

Dramaturgical support: Nuno Miguel

Production: Excalibur / A Bela Associação

Co-production: Galeria Zé dos Bois

Support: Acesso Cultura, Ana Sousa Atelier

Financed: by the GDA Foundation